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Stay organized

Many nurses are looking to get a job quickly and are ready to start making money. The turn around time can decrease just by simply staying organized. When applying for a contract when you initially start with ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES, we need all of your paperwork as well as our own testing completed. Successful travel nurses keep up to date on their immunizations, certifications, licensing deadlines, and employment history.

Contact A Recruiter

First thing is first, introduce yourself with one of our recruiters to get accompanied with  ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES . The best way for us to help you is for you to help us get to know what your interested in pursuing. We want to know what areas you have experience in and where you specialize in. A recruiter can give you the application and paperwork to get started. Ultimately, they are there to answer any questions you might have and to make sure their career direction is something you would be interested in.

Show Us What you Got

Now is your time to brag about all of your accomplishments in your nursing career. We will need copies of all of your certifications, contact information, licenses, immunizations, and drug screening, and experience records you have. Our recruiters will contact you and let you know any additional information we need. This is where being organized as a travel nurse is key. The faster we receive your paperwork, the quicker we can get you into our system. Most experienced travel nurses keep all their paperwork ready to go on their computer to ensure a quick onboarding process.

Let the Job Search Begin

We will help you make an account on our website to give you access to all of our current job openings. We get new updated orders daily and will look for ones that will best match you. Our recruiters will use your credentials to find a contract that fits your scope of practice and will contact the hospital for you.


Once a hospital accepts our information we send out, they will contact you for an interview. You can interview with multiple hospitals and see which best suites you. This is the final step before a contract is drawn up and we can get you started. Having letters of recommendation is a great way to show your past success.


After contracts are signed, you are officially a Travel Nurse with  ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES! Our on boarding department will send you a packet and newsletter filled with information to help you! We will search for your housing prices, attractions in the area, events, things to do, local restaurants and grocery stores, and much much more! Just because you are settled in, don't lose contact! We want to hear how you're doing and answer questions for you. At the end of your contract we will take care of applying for your extension!

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We're here for you!


There can be many perks to traveling such as a new area to explore, new people to meet, unique experiences, but with ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES there's an extra bonus. Some Travel contracts can come with up to a $500 bonus just for being willing to travel!

Road to bigger and better


The end of a contract is always a stressful time for travel nurses, but with ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES; we carry the stress for you. Near the end of your contract we have our staff reach out and apply for an extension to your contract per your approval. Almost all of our nurses receive an extension immediately. Even though we do the work, you get the benefits! Extension bonuses are given to our nurses just for staying with us. We will take care of everything!

ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES takes the time to understand what the industry is offering for nurses so we can to bring our best to you. Whether it’s a new employee or seasoned traveler, we keep everything at the highest standard for our staff.

Permanent Lifeline

All throughout your career, ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES is there to listen and help in any way to make your life a little easier. We have extended call hours with staff ready to answer your questions or guide you toward a solution. Recruiters and internal staff often can customize contracts to better suit your convenience. Don't just call if you’re having a problem, we grow from feedback and encourage our nurses to keep in touch during their contract duration.


Being in the medical field, we understand things happen. No need to stress when it comes to the topic of disability. ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES offers short and long term disability plans. We provide the assurance you need to feel comfortable in any situation that could occur.


Everyone is an individual and we know your needs may be different from another travelers'. Our medical plans conform to your areas of importance based on your life. We offer plans from basic to full coverage and plans to cover your entire family. Your health package can include dental, medical, and vision.

ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES understands that relocating may not be feasible. Don't worry, we found a solution that benefits you! If your contract is 50+ miles away from your current residence, you could qualify for paid mileage! Who wouldn't want to get paid extra for your morning commute? We appreciate our nurses and try to help make things more comfortable for them.

Home Sweet Home

Our Travel Nurses control where they call home during their contracts! Our housing bonus with some of our contracts allows you the luxury to pick where you live. If you would like to stay in a hotel every night, you have the freedom to do so. Also, our concierge service will send you updates on the most cost effective prices we've come across for housing to help give you a variety of choices!

Life Insurance

Some of our nurses choose not to include a healthcare plan for their contract; however, no nurse is left behind. ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES gives all travel nurses a $15,000 life insurance plan when you take a contract with us. This helps provide you security at no additional cost to you.

We care for your future

Although travel nurses sometimes jump from location to location, your retirement remains comfortably untouched. Our retirement plans are for you to better prepare for your future. ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES matches all of our retirement plans up to 3%! Even if your time ends with us, your retirement plan goes with you. Let us help make your life a little easier.

 Industry Resources

State Board of Nursing

General Nursing

Foreign Nurses

Specialty Nursing

Allied & Therapy Healthcare Professionals

Travel Resources

  • Nursing" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/nursing-essentials.png"/>Nursing Essentials™ provides instant access to critical information nurses need. This guide is particularly popular among nursing students and is a top-selling medical app. The print edition is titled RN Pocket Guide ™.
  • The" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/trip-advisor.png"/>The TripAdvisor App also provides reviews of restaurants and other travel related businesses like hotels. Members are able to upload images and videos as well. It also has a “Discover near me” feature.

    TripAdvisor also allows you to compare airfares, shop for hotels, and make restaurant reservations. It also has a forum feature where you can pose questions for the community. You can also download maps, reviews and other items you have saved so that you can access the data offline. This feature is available for over 300 cities worldwide.Read more →
  • Forbes" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/trover.png"/>Forbes and BuzzFeed have likened Trover to a cross between Instagram and Trip Advisor. Users take photos of the places they’ve been and provide descriptions. The photos can be geo-tagged so you can search for locations and discover things to do. You can meet up with fellow travelers. You can create “visual bucket lists” that can serve as itineraries for your future adventures. You can also browse a news feed of stuff near you.Read more →
  • Kayak" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/kayak.png"/>Kayak is essentially a travel search engine for flights, hotels, and cars. You can comparison shop various different platforms and book your choices straight from the app. It also has a nice flight-tracker and itinerary-management tool.

    The app syncs with TripAdvisor so you can see reviews and other details about potential selections. The app also has an Explore feature to help you find fun things to do in the area.Read more →
  • Another" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/genius-scan.png"/>Another document scanning app, GeniusScan comes with some settings that allow you to conveniently select the ideal page dimension to get the best scans. You can scan to PDF, email documents, and arrange documents with a tagging feature. The premium version is only $2.99 and will let you sync to your cloud storage system.Read more →
  • ShiftLife" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/shift-life.png"/>ShiftLife is a calendar application designed for shift workers, like nurses. You can organize your shifts, record your hours and even calculate your pay. It will sync with many other calendars if you prefer to have everything in one location.

    This app is available only for iPhone, but there are similar apps for Android users with Shift Calendar and myShiftWork being the most popular.Read more →
  • Medscape" target="_blank">http://www.allcaremedicalservices.com/Content/ums/images/connect/medscape.png"/>Medscape might be the most robust app of its kind. The Drug Reference Tool lets you quickly look up medications and dosages. The Drug Interaction Tool lets you search for adverse drug combinations. The Disease and Condition Reference lets you find vital patient-care information. It’s got Medication Calculators, Image Collections and more.

    Moreover, it’s got a robust medical news service so you can stay up to date with the latest on your field. It also lets you earn CME! It’s all free.Read more →

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  • ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES has over 35 years of combined nursing and business experience. We have a dedicated 24/7 staffing department experienced in placing healthcare professionals in a permanent, per diem, and travel job with openings Nationwide. Our objective is to build long-lasting relationships with travelers and clients.  
  • Healthcare Facilities ALLCARE MEDICAL SERVICES is dedicated to finding quality healthcare personnel for clients' hard to fill shifts, assignments, and permanent positions. The ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES industry-experienced hands-on management team shares our clients need to assure that the right person is placed based on the requirements of the job. A full services staffing firm, ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES is dedicated to listening and understanding our clients specific requirements and challenges for each assignment. We understand that our staff in your facility is an extension of your brand and we take this responsibility personally.  Quality
  • All of our staff are required to undergo extensive background and verification checks as well as standard skills and testing based on your field of expertise. 

Job Applicants


 We at ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING  SERVICES would love to have the opportunity to work with you. If you are seeking the flexibility to work where and when you want and the opportunity to work with some of our nations best healthcare organization.   

ALLCARE MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES is dedicated to providing you with the flexibility of controlling your scheduling, supplementing your income, the opportunity to hone your skills in different environments, while at the same time meeting your income and health needs 

Per Diem & PRN

 We provide all healthcare facilities supplemental staff to cover last minute cancellations, vacations, leave of absence, sickness leave, census increase, and to fill vacant positions on a day basis. Most of the healthcare professionals are local employees.  


Travel Assignments are a great way to explore America! The typical assignment is for 13 weeks with the option to extend for a year or more. A travel healthcare professional is filling the demanding need for staff in hospitals across the country.